Car Bumper Mould

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Car Bumper Mould

About Us

Founded in China mold town - Huangyan Taizhou, Axou Mould Technology Co., Ltd has developed steadily with more than 69 well trained and experienced staffs.

Focusing on developing and manufacturing molds for automotive bumper, automotive grilles, automotive interior and exterior parts, Aoxu has achieved great success in car molds.

Aoxu actively participates in part design and puts forward constructive suggestion for part design and improvement. Besides DFM analysis and moldflow analysis, Aoxu offers the solutions to optimize the mold structure and function.

Consistently adhering to the basics of QCD- excellent quality, competitive cost and on time delivery, Aoxu never stop creating values for customers.

Design/R 0010010 amp;. D

car bumper mould

We are not only developing new technologies, but also performing diversified researches to offer high quality moulds to our customers.

  • Technical precipitation

The company has established mould design standards, experience sharing system, with a wealth of mould cases.

  • Participated in preliminary product analysis

1.Confirm product drawing

2.Product defect inspection

3.Assembly relationship inspection and reasonable Suggestion

4.Preliminary CAE model flow analysis

5.Calculation of mould clamping force and Suggestions on injection molding equipment selection

6.Suggestions on b-side structure design and rationality

7.Design and analysis of wall thickness (non-uniform wall thickness)

8.Product rationalization design and Suggestions for cost reduction

9.Design of mold contour arrangement scheme

10.Die failure risk assessment

  • Design ability 0010010 nbsp;

full 2D/3D design; 0010010 nbsp;

Multi-scheme model flow analysis; 0010010 nbsp;

Meticulous design quality control; 0010010 nbsp;

Establish various parts library and structure library of car bumper.Project team

Team type project team;

From the early project technical communication, process control, post-sale service to unify;

Project team incentives.

Quality Control

Quality control is very important to each Mould project, especially for moulds of car parts.

During machining and assembly, our strong Q.C team will check all components with accurate measuring 0010010 amp; testing equipments.


Main QC Procedure:

Steel Hardness Inspection

Mould Steel Dimension Inspection

Mould Electrodes Inspection

Mould Parts Dimension Inspection

Mould Pre-Assembly Inspection

Mould Trial Report and Samples Inspection

Final Inspection before Shipment

All inspection will be done before delivery.

We keep and improve the effectiveness of our mould quality and management level continually.

Periodic review of current quality policy and objectives can ensure its effectiveness and suitability.

We pursue mutual benefit and long-term business cooperation with our customers. Meanwhile, we supply you high quality with competitive price and best service.


We provide one-stop solution for designing, tooling, moulding for plastic industry by maintaining ourself set high standards of quality, cost, delivery.
With sincere and responsible attitude, we expect your visiting and mutually beneficial cooperation!


Mould Maintenance Instructions

1.Make the mould numer

The number of the mould must be machined with a milling machine above the outer end face of the blank(square iron) with a word height of 40mm and a depth of 0.5mm. 0010010 nbsp;

The number of the mould must marked with a code on each template, and the drection is uniform.

All the screws, ring holes, and mould parts of the mould must be in metric specifications. The accessories for the processing moulds must be of a standard specification and must not be made by ourselves.

2. Die position

Each set of mould are in the B plate(moving template) on the four corners of the milling die position for fit mould and repair mould.

3. Code mould screw hole

Each set of mould must be in the dynamic floor, ficed mould panel open mould hole.

Hole spacing size should be determined according to the injection type.

4.Top hole

The top of the moving mould must have a large enough top hole, diemeter 25~40mm.

Small mould only need to open a top hole, the middle mould must open three yop hole above, large-size mould that is required to open five holes.

The top hole diameter and position according to the actual size of the injection molding machine(design size).

5.Positing ring

Each set of mould must be equipped with a positioning ring(ie, positioning flange) for mould positioning.

The Size of the positioning ring should be determined according to the injection molding machine wall aperture.

The diameter of the positioning ring diameter is 0.2~0.4mm, the height of the protrduing mould panel is minimum 8~10mm.

The standard size of the positioning ring of the mould and the plate is 100mm.

6.First reset the device

When the thimble cylinder interferes with the row ejector, a mould must be provided on the mould and ejector plate must not be reset by the spring to prevent the spring from failing. The row(pulling core) and thimble cylinder collisions.

The stroke switch must be installed between the ejector plate and the moving plate to ensure that the device can be powered and closed after the device is reset.

7.Thimble plate guide column guide sleeve

The length of the thimble plate is 12 or more, or the middle of the mould is in the middle.

Configure more small thimble and diameter below 2mm.

Configuration more division tube (10 or more).

In the above three situations, four guide posts and guide sleeves must be added on the ejector plate to ensure that the ejector pin balances out the plastic parts smoothly.

8.Thimble plate spring bow

All moulds must be installed on the thimble plate to install four reset slings to help the thimble uniform retraction.

Using a blue mould for plastic mould, reset the slingshot at both ends.

Reset the slingshot can not be compressed more than 40% of the free length of the plastic ejector in the case of effective mould in the thimble panel to do four top out of the limit nail.

Reset the sling fixed, must be fixed at both at both at both ends of the counterbore, banned the end of one of the grinding hole grinding plane unreliable practice.

9.Automatic dehydration device

The thin nozzle die must be equipped with poll rods, pull bars or return pins to ensure that the nozzle plate and the A plate move to the nozzle automatically.

Drawing material thickness 10mm or more than 12mm.

Pull the screw diameter can not be less than 8-14mm.

Using the B board surface is equipped with 4 nylon nails, the effect of safe, reliable, economical and practical.

10.Thimble motion

It must be ensured that the beer is reliably ejected on any occasion and that it is not resetting before other mould parts are interfering with other mould parts.

When the top is ejected, the beer can not be deformed. The top white and stuck phenomenon are quickly ejected and the thimble mark does not affect the appearance quality of the beer.

The top should be balanced and very smooth, there can be not tilt plate phenomenon, the top should not produce noise.

After the ejection is completed, the ejector pin should be sutomatically retracted(except for special moulds).

11.Hanging mould hole

Smaller moulds A and B are made with hanging screw holes on the board.

All moulds of large are made with hanging screw holes, or both sides are required.

12.Channel shape

In principle, 0-shaped channels are used.

The trapezoidal channel is in special circumstances.

3.The size of the cross section of the channel mouth is usually based on the size of the product, the inner cavity of the mould is determined by the number of sides, and the specific size is determined according to the mould design drawing.

The shape of the channel mouth is various in style. Usually there are flat type, point-pour type, submersible type, and three-four pronged point-type pouring. The specific material crossing size is positive and negative with the actual product size, and the flow should be distributed when openning the crossing. Evenly, the farther away from the main road is, the farther the mouth is, the larger the mouth is, and the point of pouring is to keep the navel in principle. The mouth of the navel should generally be flush with the water to open the slope of the crossing so as not to increase the auxiliary manual workload after the glue is separated from the nozzle.

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