CT Machine Housing Sheet Molding Compound

CT Machine Housing Sheet Molding Compound

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Compression mould VS. Injection mould

Injection moulding can produce high-quality products with complex structures. However, the strength of products is not enough, while compression moulding allows longer fibre materials with very good strength and toughness. Compression moulds are generally simpler than their injection mould counterparts. There is no sprue and runner system in a compression mould and the process itself is generally limited to simpler part geometries due to the lower flow capabilities of the starting thermosetting materials.

Taizhou Huangyan Aoxu Mould Technology Co., Ltd, is located in Huangyan, the mould hometown, which has convenient transportation and a full set of service. 

1. Machining capacity

The advanced machine is the safeguard of good mould quality and short processing time, what we do is to meet your demands.


* Mould size: the maximum machining size is 4-5M

* Mould weight: the maximum machining is 50T

* Machining precision: the minimum precision can be controlled in 0.05mm, the product with 1000mm can be controlled with 0.3mm precision

* Special machining: mirror EDM, large EDM, high-speed CNC, large gantry CNC and deep hole drilling

2. R&D capacity

The basis of a good mould is a good mould design. We have a professional design team to make sure that the design is reasonable and in a better structure.

3. Mould CAD

* Mould design: our company designs according to our own standard and long time experience to ensure every detail clear and correct.

* Design software: NX8.0 Auto CAD and above

4. Mould CAE

* According to mould flow analysis to confirm the best moulding project, to avoid any defects such as welding line, air trapping, short shot and others.

* Supplying the better selecting reference of raw material and product optimization.

* Finite element analysis the mechanical property of the product.


5. Except for Moldflow analysis, we also can provide customers with rapid prototyping.

6. QC in mould design

* The design should be confirmed by our customers

* Mould CAE analysis

* Mould structure analysis

* Accord with the design standard

7. QC in mould machining

* Using high precision processing machines

* Equipped with professional workers with much more experience

* Machining according to design and drawings

* The spare parts all should be accord with standard parts

*QC on mould surface to ensure the mould outside quality

* Using inspection equipment to check the quality, such as coordinate measuring machine, height indicator, hardness gauge, micrometre, calliper, and so on.

The advantages of thermal oil heating system 

For compression mould, using a hydraulic press machine to produce. The SMC raw material will be melt into the mould cavity under a certain temperature and pressure. So mould heating system is very important. 

Thermal oil heating system also called oil cycle temperature control machine, has the advantage of controlling the temperature balanced and steady, within ±1℃. This machine uses a tube which has the function of auto air venting and blowing. Also, the connection of the oil tube with mould is easy with only dozens of seconds.

If using the traditional heating tub, will cause partial temperature is low and the product surface lustre. If using cartridge heating tube, which is easily broken and difficult to find the trouble, which can produce the batch of waste.

CT Machine Housing Sheet Molding Compound

How to reduce the defects of CT Machine Housing Sheet Molding Compound?

* Rational using a cooling lubricating liquid, to play a role in cooling, washing and lubricate, thus avoid the product deformation.

* Decreasing the quenching stress to the minimum.

* Putting SMC mould into the 260-315℃ salt bath with 1.5 mins, then into 30℃ oil to cool, thus the hardness can decrease 1HRC, and residual stress can decrease 40-65%.

* For the tolerance within 0.01mm, the environment temperature is very important, for every fine machining should consider this fact.

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